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Domestic Violence or High Conflict Concerns

Worried about power dynamics or safety? Bring a 2-mediator team approach to your conflict at a lower cost than what you'd typically find out there.

Family Mediators can help distill big problems into reasonable solutions and address power dynamics.

Our mediation approach is built on self-determination, respect, responsibility, and relationship. We aim to empower families to resolve their disputes using their strengths, voices, and expertise in their family system.


As Qualified Neutrals under MN Rule 114, trained in Restorative Family Mediation™, our specialized mediation team has additional training and experience in facilitating mediation with families who have experienced (past or present) domestic violence concerns. We understand that mediation is often utilized in very high-stress/high-conflict situations, and the process can seem challenging, overwhelming, or sometimes even impossible.


We strive to create and protect a safety-oriented and power-balanced environment where everyone feels comfortable contributing to the resolution process. This can be done in various ways, and we use creative methods to support the individualized needs of each situation. Mediation sessions may be conducted in person or virtually, and together or in separate rooms. The sessions may include food, visual aids, and/or other unique ideas to promote a productive, future-focused resolution for you and your family. 


Specialty Mediator Team

  • How is safety addressed during the mediation process?
    Our team of mediators are all Qualified Neutrals under MN Rule 114 and are specifically trained in using a restorative approach to Mediation. Our team has a diverse background of professional training, education, and experiences related to working with families in high conflict and challenging circumstances. Our mediators include mental health professionals, attorneys, educators, and family advocates. Additionally, they have received specialized training in the areas of domestic violence, power and control dynamics, trauma and safety protocols. Therefore, our mediators are well equipped to structure and facilitate the mediation session in a manner that balances power dynamics, promotes safety, and meets the needs of individualized circumstances. Our mediators review legal documents and adhere to provisions including but not limited to HROs, OFPs, DANCOs, and court orders that are provided at the time of referral and intake. Mediations can be conducted in separate spaces (in person or virtually online) if contact between parties is not preferred, recommended, or legally permitted. Our mediators work together in teams of two to ensure an equitable and fair process for all parties involved in high conflict.
  • Can mediation be utilized for families experiencing Domestic Violence or High Conflict?
    It depends, but oftentimes the answer is “yes”… Each person’s circumstances are unique so this question needs to be answered on a case by case basis with legal, safety, and ethical considerations in mind. In general, mediation can be an effective form of alternative dispute resolution as long as it is conducted in a legal, ethical, and safety oriented manner. Choosing a mediator that is knowledgeable and appropriately trained in issues related to domestic violence is important. Our mediators are trained to safe-guard the environment and ensure that power remains distributed across the group. Our team strives to create a space that is comfortable, welcoming, and free of shame, bias, or judgment. Please contact our DV mediation team to see if mediation is the right fit for you.
  • What sorts of family issues can be addressed in mediation?
    Separation Divorce Post-decree matters Parenting Time Property Division including assets and debts Parenting Topics (i.e. activities, school, special needs, parent communication, and more) Child Support & Spousal Support Taxes Finances
  • What is the process for participating in mediation, specifically when concerns regarding past or present domestic violence is a consideration?
    Do a 15 min free consultation to make sure this is the right fit. Email us or reach out to any mediator on our team to ask more questions. We'll give you an intake form and Agreement to Mediate if you'd like to move forward. Include names and contact information for any additional people that you’d like to participate in the mediation process (i.e. attorney, advocate, support person). Provide any/all recent and current legal documents including OFP, HRO, DANCO, or other court orders for the mediators to review in preparation for the mediation session. Payment arrangements are coordinated - please note two mediators will be facilitating high conflict sessions. Payment can be arranged via private pay (each party typically paying 50%), fee for service through a 3rd party agency, and/or through a contract with a 3rd party agency. The mediator will schedule a 15 minute pre-mediation call with each party to review their perception of the needs, discuss the process, and coordinate the mediation session. The Mediators will utilize their structured professional judgment based on the information that is provided to plan the most appropriate structure for the mediation session(s). A non-refundable pre-payment of $300 must be received at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled mediation session. Sessions are conducted as scheduled and are 2 hours in length. More than one session may be needed. Additional sessions can be scheduled at the conclusion of the first meeting. Upon conclusion of each session, mediators collect all agreements made by the parties and draft a Memorandum of Agreement. This is then signed by the parties and is distributed to them to utilize in moving forward in their next steps.
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