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Mental Health & Conflict

Mental health affects many American households, and conflict can arise regularly. What's your plan to address it? Unlike family therapy, a family mediator can provide conflict resolution services and help you craft plans everyone can live with to resolve the conflict.

Family mediators can offer a unique approach to your family's needs with the goal of
restoring your home and relationships.

Some mediators are trained to provide a safe and customized approach to resolving family conflicts surrounding mental health (Ie. teens, siblings, parents, extended family, and more).

  • You can unite family members to creatively identify mental health resources and a plan everyone can live with.

  • Work with neutral facilitators (mediators) with backgrounds in social work, child welfare, and life experience who can offer objective questions to help get your loved ones talking.

  • Mediators can be a fantastic resource for parents navigating divorce or family trauma and dealing with conflict resulting from mental illness.

  • Some mediators also offer supportive and restorative environments to work out individual or personal conflicts related to mental health.

  • Mediation supports empowering others to be responsible for their behaviors and decisions. Self-education can be helpful before a mediation session, including learning the role of caretakers and family support. We recommend Mental Health Education at Mindspring:

  • Mediation can include developing plans to support loved ones struggling with mental illness and caregivers as a component of working out family conflict.

Additional Support/Accountability Resources beyond Mediation:


Mediators who can help.

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