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Parenting Time Issues
3rd Party Visitation Issues
Post Decree

Half of America's families have divorce in their history. Parenting time issues will come and go as a natural part of the growth and development of individual family needs. 

Families grow and change. That means what was written in an agreement or order might need to adjust based on life circumstances. We understand that.

Neutral, nonjudgmental, and compassionate facilitators can help parents navigate many troubled waters, such as getting to the heart of co-parenting conflict and developing productive and child-focused communication strategies, child-focused scheduling for parenting time, and strategizing safe child and safe parent exchanges.

Some experienced facilitators or mediators may also guide parents through safe conflict resolution of highly sensitive matters, such as parental alienation, parental reunification, supervised visitation, and complex issues, such as cross-border/interstate parenting.

Family mediation can handle post-decree, 3rd party visitation, or parenting time issues more quickly and cost-effectively. This is your opportunity to organize a plan that fits your life rather than having a judicial officer make a plan.

You'll have the flexibility to meet in comfortable locations such as a Zoom meeting, in a park, or any other location you prefer. 


Mediators who can help.

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