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Military Family Needs

The military can cause a variety of emotions and conflict, we see the soldier and the family needing support. Pre and post-deployment can bring about conflict within the family, between marriage relationships, and with children.

Family mediators with military family experience.

Did you know we have family mediators trained to provide a safe and customized approach to resolving family conflicts related to military matters?

The family, soldier, and unit needs can create a whirlwind of emotions as the news of a deployment emerges. Oftentimes, parents are left to raise kids alone while their partner leaves for extended periods to serve our country.  

Family mediation can help with strained relationships from short or long-term separations due to military service, such as:

  • Create a plan around the situation to foster open conversation (what deployment might look like, how we can prepare for reintegration, etc.).

  • Process and navigate reintegration for the soldier and family members.

  • Work through stressors and practice constructive conversations.

  • Identify, discuss, and connect to Unit or community resources (SFRG, addiction/recovery, support groups, or other relevant needs).


Mediators who can help.

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