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Why Parent Leadership Development & Coaching?

The Katallasso Group's Restoring Home program is born out of our work sorting out high conflict in parent and teen relationships primarily in school related challenges and child welfare referrals. While teens are struggling with schooling, substance use, mental health, risky behaviors, and more - parents or caregivers are oftentimes left depleted, frustrated, out of ideas, hopeless, or even detached.  Restoring Home is focused on parents (as leaders of their households) and developing them to lean into the conflict at home with teens to further address chronic absenteeism and prevent truancy. 

We love supporting and encouraging parents!  We help navigate the variety of stressors that have contributed to their teen's challenging behaviors through practical resources including:

  • A free weekday anonymous phone line to call in and ask questions. 

  • A safe and encouraging community chat space just for parents.

  • A weekly podcast with topical discussions from area experts on substance abuse, mental health, conflict, and more.

  • Resources to restore peace a home such as printable conflict resolution guides.

  • How to address other conflict "pain-points" and find caring mediators specializing in a variety of areas (divorce, blended family issues, and more).

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