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Who are we?

There's nothing like us out there! We're a cooperative bunch of pastors, social workers, therapists, parents, lawyers, and others committed to offering a mediation experience promoting well-being. We intentionally work to create safe environments for you to find creative resolutions to all sorts of conflicts. We offer mediation in various issues such as divorce, marital, youth, parenting conflict concerns, and more. 

What we are:

We are committed to a safe and protected private experience.

We are focused on sustainable agreements.

We pay attention to your precious time and hard-earned resources.

We are relationship-focused.

We are committed to your goals - not our agenda.

We want you to exercise your free will and promise to uphold that - even in complex conflict situations.

We pay close attention to ensure power imbalances and safeguard your voice/needs.

We offer options to mediate in separate spaces if you wish!

We love empowering you with education and resources to save you money!

We're willing to come to you - or help you find a comfortable location such as a park, etc.

What we are not:

We are not evaluative. You will not hear us say, "this is how the court would decide."

We are not an extension of the courtroom.

We will not shut down your ideas, limit you, or tell you what to do.

We will never place you in an environment that doesn't feel safe to you.

We will not keep you in a space for hours to settle - we understand decision fatigue and work at your pace.

We are not about "lawyering up."

We are not mediating only for court-related matters - but offer mediation to schools, social services, churches, and everyday needs like teen conflict, mental health, addiction, blended family, adult sibling, extended family, and more.

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