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Preventing Conflict

Yes - it is a "thing." We believe every household, every couple, and family should have basic training in conflict resolution so that they have great skills to manage household issues.

Prevention classes are available.

We love catching individuals, employees, and families “upstream” by offering them tools and techniques when conflict arises.  (for me, Amy, This can be taught/offered through community ed, training teachers and youth leaders to use with kids, in businesses, or privately with couples and families).


Mediators who can help.


Ashley Langenfeld

Mom, Stepmom, & Family Mediator

Screen Shot 2023-03-10 at 7.41_edited.jpg

Amy Vanderbeek

Mom & Family Mediator

IMG_1784 - Shelby Garcia-Rockwell_edited.jpg

Shelby Rockwell-Garcia

Mom & Family Mediator

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