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Divorce or Marital Dissolution

Mediation is an excellent opportunity and a cost-effective alternative to addressing a divorce rather than stepping into court.

Divorce is hard and painful. Mediation is a wise choice to save money and get the order you want.

Divorce mediation is your chance to participate in your divorce settlement actively. In mediation, each person shares their thoughts and concerns regarding all elements of their divorce.


This means you determine what needs to be discussed and pull in additional support to make informed decisions (such as accountants, mortgage professionals, and anyone else who's helped you make decisions in the past). You've made all of your decisions to this point in your life - mediation is the opportunity to allow you to continue to make decisions that make sense for you, so you can move forward.


During mediation, each person will have an opportunity to be heard and honored. Divorce mediation is “negotiation to resolve differences conducted by an impartial professional.” As family mediators, we guide your conversations and write down what's agreed upon.

A divorce mediator works with both individuals to resolve all areas of divorce, including:

  • Custody disputes

  • Divorce settlements such as division of assets/debts

  • Parenting time

  • Taxes

  • Other items needed in family mediation

Mediation is typically done in a comfortable environment such as an office-style setting, via Zoom, outside at a park, or in other environments, you propose. 

Mediation can be conducted with both individuals in the same room or separate rooms based on comfort level. You can also bring in individuals to help you make good decisions.

Mediation is centered on you and the other person and customized to best serve you both.


Many of our mediators offer $75/hr affordable mediation for marital dissolution.

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