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Youth-related conflict can occur at home, in schools, with friend groups, and in the community. Our mediators are dually trained in restorative circles offering a hybrid approach to engaging youth and promoting changed behavior.

If you've got a teen struggling with conflict - please reach out!

Here are a few ways mediators can impact youth and their environments:

  • Restoring school culture to address youth/staff or youth/youth conflict healthily

  • Creating safe, judgment-free zones for youth to work together around issues that have caused conflict.

  • Youth accountability and discipline issues. Repairing relationships.

  • Teen pregnancy or chemical use/abuse.

  • Family conflict tied to youth-related behaviors.

  • Teens in foster care or involved in social services.


Mediators who can help.

Click on a mediator's name to learn more about them! 

Scott Faust

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