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Child Welfare
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Restorative family mediation is a fantastic way for counties to empower parents involved in child welfare. While we know the scope of services in child welfare is vast, having a neutral family facilitator can allow the parent and the social worker to build sustainable plans in a more empowering way.

Family mediators can narrow in on the core issues of conflict - helping families get "unstuck".

Neutral, nonjudgmental, and compassionate facilitators can help with child-focused strategizing and planning when parents, grandparents, family members, social workers, and community members face challenges to child safety in the home.

Facilitators or mediators can help parents and other stakeholders explore options to keep the child safe at home and the family intact. Or if a child must enter foster care or is already in out-of-home placement, facilitators can help navigate a path for parents, caregivers, and others invested in child safety to restore family relationships and bring the children home.


Restorative Family Mediation uses a restorative circle technique. This technique provides a culturally responsive approach, distributes power equally, and safeguards the environment from power imbalances. Ultimately, the RFM process allows parents and social workers to come to the table as equals while exercising their voices to draft sustainable plans that work for all.


RFM differs from family group decision-making as the facilitator is a Qualified Neutral with no stake in the outcome. RFM tends to allow for transformation instead of compliance. 


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