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Free Downloadable Journal

"A must-have for all parents, regardless of child's age."

- Mom of 7 & 8 yo girls.

95% of parents in our focus group recommended this journal to other parents, and 100% agreed it allowed them to better understand and connect with their child.


80% of parents reported learning something new in their child's life while using the journal.

100% of parents noted a significant improvement in their relationship with their child(ren) using the journal. 25% shared an extreme impact on increasing their parent/child relationship.


80% ages 7-12

45% boys & 55% girls


Transitions & 

Busy seasons of life

Getting to the heart.

Free for you

and your child. 

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What Parents are Saying:

"This journal came when I was at a loss as a parent and loved that my son and I could strengthen our relationship and connect in a difficult season. Being able to hear how he was feeling and taking the time to process it before responding has been such a positive experience. Thank you!"

- Mom of 9 y/o boy

"My husband and I both write to our daughter in the journal, which has been super fun for all of us. It's been a great way to connect!"

- Mom of 8 y/o girl

"I learned he thinks I'm mean when I am trying to help him be accountable for his behavior and that so much of how he behaves he truly feels bad about after -which was huge! I also learned there is so much he wants to talk about and tell me, but either he isn't comfortable, or I am not giving him the time he needs. As we improve this area, the journal has been a great addition to our relationship." - Mom of 10 y/o boy.

​"I learned about fears/struggles my child had that I might not have learned otherwise. The journal provided a safe communication space different from normal conversations, especially when one-on-one time doesn't happen as often as I'd like."

- Mom of 9 y/o girls.

Strengths of the Journal from a Parent Perspective

  • Easy to navigate with their child.

  • 95% of parents indicated their child was moderately to extremely engaged using the journal.

  • Bedtime was the most useful time for kids to journal with their parents.

  • If faith isn't your thing, use the journal idea and create your version using a spiral notebook! 

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