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High Conflict Divorce

For those who feel wounded and have exhausted their resources...

We're so glad you are here.

This is not evaluative mediation or an extension of the courtroom.

Family Mediators can help distill big problems into reasonable solutions, so you can move on.

Divorce is hard and painful. Those are simple facts that cannot be changed. Divorce mediation is your chance to participate in your divorce settlement actively. In mediation, each party shares their thoughts and concerns regarding all elements of their divorce. Each party has an opportunity to be heard and honored. Divorce mediation is “negotiation to resolve differences conducted by an impartial professional.”

Disputes and disagreements are part of everyday life, and trained mediators can help guide your conversation when you are stuck. Some disputes can be quickly resolved because both parties aim to arrive at a reasonable decision and move on. Other disputes may have a long history.

Perhaps one party is unwilling to hear the other party’s views. Perhaps, both parties are deeply emotionally invested and reluctant to budge one inch. The original issue has now become a “winner takes all.”

Our mediation format is meant to transform the conflict from destructive to constructive. High-conflict divorce mediation can include issues such as:

  • Parenting time/Custody

  • Marital dissolution

  • Custody

  • Property 


Mediators who can help.

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