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Meet Shelby Garcia-Rockwell

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Brooklyn Park, MN




Pre-Divorce & Marital  Dissolution, Blended Family, Domestic Violence, Parenting Time, Child Welfare, and General Family.

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Lotus Mediation

Shelby offices at:

She offers mediation services to families in person, in homes, or via Zoom. She can provide mediation for families beyond Minnesota.

Her specialty areas include Pre-Divorce & Marital Dissolution, Domestic Violence, Parenting Time, Blended Family Needs, and more. 

Office Phone: 612-454-0625

Office Hours: Willing to be flexible to meet family needs.


Shelby's Story

  • I am a mother of two in a thriving blended family.

  • We are a military family.

  • I have experienced and navigated through a divorce and domestic violence in my past, this is now a strength for me to help others.

Mediation Practice & Credentials

  • A Rule 114 Family Mediator trained with The Katallasso Group.


  • Has professional experience with mental health, addiction, adolescents, and the medical field.

  • Personal experience with missions, community volunteer projects, military/deployment, parenting, divorce, and childcare.

  • Certifications/diplomas in child development, general studies, and mediation.

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