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Meet Nora Nutt

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Providence Mediation

Nora offices at:

She offers mediation services to families in person or via Zoom.

Her specialty areas include complex and high-conflict families, teens/parents, and child welfare

Office Location: Shakopee, MN

Office Phone: 952-237-2317

Office Hours: Weekdays 8 am-4 pm 

Nora's Perspective

Mediation Practice & Credentials

  • I have been a special education teacher for 12 years with 9 years focused on mental health in a day treatment program.

  • I also taught in level 4 educational setting with students diagnosed with Emotional Behavior Disorders and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

  • I have been married for 33 years and has 3 adult children (truly a blessing!) However, having grown up in a home with substance abuse and violence, I understand that those experiences will affect you for as long as you let them. They create unhealthy patterns of communication and conflict resolution that have to changed to bring peace.

  • I feel great compassion for families struggling to do the best they can but not having the tools to make successful changes. I want to help because I believe there can be peace, even in the most difficult of situations, by learning that we all have the power to change our lives for the better.

  • I am Qualified for Rule 114 Neutral for Family Alternative Dispute Resolution by the
    Minnesota Supreme Court.

  • I have a bachelors of Science degree in Communications

  •  Masters of Science degree in Emotional Behavior Disorder

  • Licensed teacher in MN with significant experience in working with at risk youth

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