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Meet Hanna Getachew-Kreusser

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Hanna Getachew-Kreusser

Hanna offices at:

She offers mediation services to families in person and online. 

Her specialty areas include working with youth, child welfare, and families in conflict

Office Location: St. Paul, MN

Office Phone: (651) 235-3475

Office Hours: By appointment


Mediation Practice & Credentials

Hanna's Perspective

  • I identify as a global citizen, engaged in working to transform individuals and communities. I believe in developing meaningful collaborations to solve issues in communities

  • I am passionate about youth and families and their development. I work very hard to engage people from their strength and support them in realizing their potential.  My visionary leadership includes strategic direction setting, business acumen, creativity, innovation, and acute interest in learning and curiosity for transforming communities.

  • I am Qualified for Rule 114 Neutral for Family Alternative Dispute Resolution by the Minnesota Supreme Court, with deep experience facilitating circles in many settings.

  • I received my B.A in Psychology and International Business Management from Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, Minnesota

  •  I received my M.A in Behavioral Science/Counseling and Psychological Services from St. Mary’s University of Minnesota. 

  • Prior to becoming the Executive Director in 2018, I held various leadership roles at Face to Face. I have over 25 years of nonprofit administration experience including at Tubman Inc. and Avenues for Homeless Youth, leading health and human services work for populations across the life span.

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