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Meet Susan Johnson

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Trine Mediation

Susan offices at:

Susan is a family mediator and offers mediation services to families in neutral, agreed-upon locations or via Zoom. She can provide mediation for families in southcentral or southeastern Minnesota.

Her specialty areas include All Divorce needs (pre and post), Truancy matters, CMH support, Sobriety and Safety Planning, Reintegration support or Sentencing/Accountability circles. 

Office Phone: 507-774-0507

Office Hours: Mon-Sat by appointment

Susan's Story

  • Born and raised in Chicago and moved to Southern Minnesota in 2009.

  • Single mom of 2 daughters- the oldest being a college graduate having a degree in Criminal Justice and the youngest being in First Grade.

  • I LOVE Summer- Sun, warmth, blue sky, green grass, and birds chirping!

  • Divorced in 2018 after being in a conflict-filled marriage with a chemically dependent person. Because of children being involved and safety concerns, this led me to experience the Courts, attempts with various types of ADR, and, ultimately, establishing a restraining order. Due to the personal experience of it all, I am incredibly grateful to be trained as a family mediator so that I can continue to help, support and guide individuals/families away from conflict

Mediation Practice & Credentials

  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Education (2009)

  • A Children/Adolescent Programs Administrator within mental health who supports clients/families in their time of need.

  • Collaborator/coordinator with the Departments of Social Services and Corrections (at the state and county levels).

  • A Rule 114 Family Mediator trained by The Katallasso Group. 

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