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Meet Shelly McCoy

Introducing Shelly McCoy

Introducing Shelly McCoy

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Shelly McCoy, LLC

Shelly offices at:

She offers mediation services to families in person, in homes, or via Zoom. She primarily offers mediation and coaching to parents struggling with their children and mental health-related matters.

Her specialty areas include household conflicts, teen/parent, and mental health. She loves coaching single parents. Shelly is also a civil mediator and offers support to community civil issues.

Office Hours: Willing to be flexible - please email Shelly.




Shelly's Perspective

  • Aside from being a single parent, and Social Worker, I am vested in restoring family and addressing mental health issues that they face.

  • I aim to understand to help the families I work with understand. I am passionate about helping bring peace to conflicting situations.

  • I love coaching single parents in particular.  

Mediation Practice & Credentials

  • ​I am a Restorative Family Mediator trained with The Katallasso Group and office in California.


  • I have 17 years of professional experience as a social worker with social services.

  • I am a certified Life Coach and enjoy offering professional life coaching.

  • One of my niches is working with parents struggling with conflict around mental health. I offer neutral facilitation to help them achieve liveable outcomes and plans.

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