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Meet Kama Chamberlin, LSW

Introducing Kama Chamberlin

Introducing Kama Chamberlin

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Life Happens Mediation

Kama offices at:

Kama is a social worker/mediator and offers mediation services to families in person, in homes, or via Zoom. She can provide mediation for families beyond Minnesota.

Her specialty areas include Child Welfare, Military Families, Mental Health, & Youth. 

Office Phone: 320-310-6689

Office Hours: Willing to be flexible to meet family needs during daytime hours.

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Kama's Perspective

  • I am a foster parent and have worked with youth/families with addiction challenges, teen parents, and community/family violence. 

  • I live on a small hobby farm with my husband and our foster children.

  • I have grown up in smaller, more rural communities.


  • Animal lover!

Mediation Practice & Credentials

  • A licensed social worker with MN Board of Social Work.

  • Masters in Leadership & Management from Concordia.

  • A Rule 114 Family Mediator trained with The Katallasso Group.


  • Has professional experience working with families and youth struggling with addiction, community or family violence, and teen parenting.

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