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Meet Kaitlyn O'Connor



North Branch, MN




Blended Family,

Child Welfare,

Teens/Parents, and

Juvenile Justice matters.

Image by Sarah Sosiak

Kaitlyn's Story

  • My parents were divorced when I was in high school, and were both remarried quickly. I now have 11 siblings: biological, adopted, and step-siblings from both step-parents. 

  • I am married and have two small children, two cats, and two dogs. 

  • My purpose is to give intentional guidance and support to children/youth for the long haul.


  • My heart is to equip and prepare youth for a successful transition into adulthood.

Mediation Practice & Credentials

  • A Rule 114 Family Mediator trained with The Katallasso Group.

  • Bachelor's Degree in Youth Development Studies with a Minor in International Development from North Central University..

  • Children's Pastor Experience.

  • She is a youth development specialist in a residential program and a nonprofit after-school program director.

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Kaitlyn O'Connor Mediation

Kaitlyn offices at:


Willing to offer mediation services to families in person,

in homes or via Zoom.

Her specialty areas include Blended Families, Child Welfare, Teens/Parents, and Juvenile Justice matters.

Office Phone: (651) 317-9821

Office Hours: Willing to be flexible to meet family's needs. Evening/weekend hours can be accommodated with ample notice.

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