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Meet Kaitlin Kincade

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The Katallasso Group

Kait offices at:

She offers mediation services to families in person or via Zoom.

Her specialty areas include working with teens and children, household conflict, general family conflict, and parenting issues.

Office Location: Fargo, ND

Office Phone: 651-756-0111

Office Hours: Weekdays 10 am-6 pm 

Kaitlin's Perspective

Mediation Practice & Credentials

  • I have dealt with general family conflict and parental issues since I was about 14-18 years old.

  • I am comfortable working with teens and children in household conflict. 

  • Issues related to school/truancy/absenteeism are areas I enjoys helping others.

  • I genuinely enjoy working with children and worked as a full-time teacher for three years with children between 0-7 years old.

  • I am Qualified for Rule 114 Neutral for Family Alternative Dispute Resolution by the
    Minnesota Supreme Court.

  • NDSU Senior Human Development & Family Sciences major.

  • Currently an intern at The Katallasso Group.

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