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Meet Haley Marie Hamble

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Haley Marie Hamble, Family Mediation

Haley offices at:


Willing to offer mediation services via zoom, in person, or at a mutually agreed location. 

Her specialty areas include Family, Blended Family, Child-Welfare, Dissolution

Office Location: 4111 Merritt Ave. Iron, MN 55751

Office Phone: (218)-750-2868

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-4pm (closed from 2:30-3:30), Wednesday (closed from 1:30-2:30), and weekends open based on clients need!

Haley's Perspective

  • I have no judgement towards others. You can feel 100% safe in my presence. I am open and honest about who I am. I have experienced drug use personally and with loved ones. I encourage honesty in everyday life, and in return I listen carefully to all, respect your feelings and emotions and genuinely care for your well-being. I am highly empathic and truly understand others concerns and interests.

  • I am a creative person in general and this also applies to my thinking scope. During conflict and emotional situations, I am able to think through all perspectives and come up with ideas and other possibilities that others may have not considered, to help reach mutual agreements.

  • I have great patience with others. As I have two children very close in age, I have learned to master this skill. I also recently started raising and caring for my teenage brother full-time. These children trust me with their daily life, emotional needs, and conflicting situations that often trigger mental health issues that we have successfully come up with solutions to resolve.

  • I come from a blended family and have lived through many hardships and childhood situations that have impacted who I am today. I offer support to others in these difficult times to establish healthy relationships between blended families.

  •  I am not a therapist, but I have a great approach to respecting and supporting individuals' feelings and concerns. Mental health is very important to me, and I continue education involving mental health, focusing on children from birth to adolescence. Conflict in our lives greatly impacts our mental health, and I have learned the importance of responding vs reacting to these possibilities and focus on helping others do the same. This skill is very useful for conflicting families and resolving them to work together towards healthy lifestyles!

Mediation Practice & Credentials

  • I am a certified neutral, pursuant to MN Statute Rule 114. 

  • I have completed the Brain Story Certification from the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University. 

  • Helping families is a passionate part of my life and career, with having so much hands-on experience with high conflict throughout my own life. 

  • I am always continuing my education regarding childhood trauma and mental health studies.

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