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Where can mediation help?

Family mediation is known chiefly for helping through divorce or family law-related issues.


Did you know mediation can help with various family, youth, or child-related concerns?


Here's where our family mediators spend their time currently. 


Mediators are helpful for youth-related conflict that occurs in schools, families, and friend groups. Most of our mediators are trained in restorative circles. Here are a few ways mediators can impact these environments:

  • Restoring school culture to address youth/staff or youth/youth conflict healthily

  • Creating safe, judgment-free zones for youth to work together around issues that have caused conflict.

  • Youth accountability and discipline issues. Repairing relationships.

  • Family conflict tied to youth-related behaviors.

Social Services

We can address the needs of child welfare, safety, and family preservation by engaging families and social workers in a value-based discussion. Here are a few ways our mediators help county offices:

  • Safe care planning of prenatal cases of drug-positive moms

  • Parent addiction/mental health

  • Out-of-home placement and family/kinship conflict

  • Truancy and other youth/parent-related conflict

Divorce & More

We can address divorce matters without having you step foot in the court setting:

  • Use a mediator to work through the entire process outside the court!

  • We encourage using the "self-help desk" to reduce as much cost as possible.

  • Any post-decree issue, custody, or parenting time matter can benefit from the mediation process and be submitted to the court for an order.

Mental Health

Mental health can create conflict between parents, siblings, and parent/child relationships. Use mediation to:

  • Create plans everyone can live with.

  • Work through relationship damage and foster greater understanding.

  • Raise issues or the "elephant in the room."

  • Prioritize, discuss, and foster buy-in from various angles.

  • Mediation does not replace therapy - having a neutral facilitator guide a specific area of conflict can provide clarity and relief of those impacted.

Family Needs

We know blended families, single-parent families, nuclear families, and extended families have conflict needs too!

  • Get support to navigate a clash of parenting opinions.

  • Adult siblings can struggle with decisions on elderly parents' care needs and benefit from a mediator's support.

  • Blending a family has many dynamics to consider - use a mediator to help work through challenges.

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