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Meet Ashley Spang

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Fresh Starts Concepts, LLC

Ashley offices at:


She offers mediation services to families in locations they are most comfortable with.


She primarily offers mediation for marital dissolution, blended family conflict, and prevention needs.

Office Hours: Willing to be flexible, including nights and weekends - please email Ashley.

Office Phone: 952-955-4979


Ashley's Perspective

  • I grew up in a blended family, went through a divorce, and now have a blended family. I grew up in rural Wisconsin, lived in very rural Alaska through my 20s, and have lived in Minnesota for over a decade, both inner-city and rural. I'm a coffee and kombucha snob; I love cooking, baking, fishing, and hiking. I nerd out about how our brain works under stress and trauma, and I look at most everything through an entrepreneurial lens.

  • As an INTJ and an Enneagram type 5, studying people, mentoring, and deep-diving come very naturally to me. Every life and situation is unique, and no "one size fits most" approach exists. 

  • My goal in our time is for everyone to feel heard. Most mediation experiences are facilitative like I experienced - but had I experienced restorative, I know I would have walked away without so much resentment for my former spouse - I felt like I had to "give in" to move on through the process and I was left so frustrated and fearful.

Mediation Practice & Credentials

  • I am Qualified for Rule 114 Neutral for Family Alternative Dispute Resolution by the
    Minnesota Supreme Court.

  • Next year I will be beginning my Master's degree in Cognitive Behavior Analysis. 

  • I have a network of pastors and county advocates in seven Minnesota counties that I regularly meet with.

  • I have experience with abuse, trauma, and blended family life (both as a child and parent).

  • I have personal experience with divorce and dissolution mediation with a child.

  • I am a single mother of an elementary-aged child and a bonus parent to my longtime partner's two teenage children.

  • I have personal experience as a person with a loved one in addiction and professional experience mentoring peers experiencing addiction, trauma, abuse, mental disability, and grief.

  • I promise everyone will feel heard, seen, safe, and listened to while leaving with a plan that fits all parties well without feeling like just giving up. Our kids and loved ones are worth it.

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